Facilities FAQ's

Below is list of questions frequently asked by healthcare facilities. To see an answer, click on the question or use the Expand and Collapse buttons. You may also print the list of questions and answers by clicking the "PRINT" button.

LogistiCare provides transportation for Medicaid Members throughout West Virginia. Members must be attending a covered medical service and be traveling to and from their residence address of record with West Virginia Medicaid.

With the exception of hospital discharges and urgent trips, all NEMT requests must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the appointment. Requests for hospital discharges and urgent trips can be made outside of this timeframe.

LogistiCare has a dedicated Facilities Team to handle requests for transportation for your Medicaid clients. For routine trip requests and hospital discharges during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,  Monday through Friday) you can reach a Facilities Representative by calling 1-844-889-1941 Additionally, our afterhours reservations team handles  requests for urgent trips and hospital discharges 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For requests after 5:00PM and before 8:00 a.m., please call 1-844-549-8353.  You can also request trips anytime online using TripCare.

An urgent trip is a trip needed for an unscheduled episodic situation in which there is no immediate threat to life or limb, but the Member must be seen on the day of the request and treatment cannot be delayed until the next day. This may include hospital discharges as well.

Yes, LogistiCare can schedule recurring trips, eliminating the need to schedule each trip individually. Recurring trips can be scheduled up to three (3) months at a time. Trips for all other standing order appointments can be scheduled for up to three (3) months at a time.

If a Member says s/he is unable to utilize public transportation or mileage reimbursement, a healthcare provider will be required to fill out our Level of Need Assessment Form. This form communicates the Member’s actual needs to LogistiCare for appropriate mode assignment.

If the return time for an appointment is not known at the time of the reservation, LogistiCare will assign the return trip as a will-call trip. In this case, you will call LogistiCare when the Member is ready for their ride home. We will dispatch the trip and the transportation provider will arrive within one hour. Call the Ride Assist line at 1-844-549-8354 to find out the status of a transportation provider’s estimated arrival time.

If you or a Member experiences an issue with NEMT, please visit LogistiCare's WeCare Facility website.